Company Introduction

CEO greetings

DONG WON CDF will realize customer satisfaction with excellent quality and become a company that can grow together.


It is the representative director Chan Kuk, Kang of DONGWON CDF Co., Ltd.

DONGWON CDF Co., Ltd. is a product group that researches and develops aluminum, non-woven fabric, PE, PET fabric, heat-reflective insulation film,
We produce environment-friendly equipment such as heating element coating, vacuum packaging paper, PP nonwoven processing, insulation, insulation wallpaper,
We are leading the market by achieving high growth in packaging materials field.

It has a dry laminated facility line that can seal, coat, print, and heat various industrial fabrics. Multilaminated
Equipment line, and slitting facility line, we are able to produce excellent products through application, processing and post-processing of various special industrial fabrics.
We have been reborn as a global company by introducing our products through continuous technology development.
In addition, DONGWON CDF is developing cost-effective, cost-effective products and steady R&D
It is a company that constantly researches and strives to create new products and maintain credibility with customers.